While the students were being quiet and taking their tests the teacher got bored and decided to do a little online shopping. He brought up a website that was selling used lingerie, really shouldn’t be surprised that is a thing. The problem isn’t the guy looking at something school inappropriate, it’s the fact the moron was on a computer that was hooked up to the classroom’s projector and it was turned on. Didn’t take long for a few students to look up from their desks to notice what was going on.Teacher

I won’t even open Reddit in public on my phone because I might accidentally click a NSFW link. This teacher is on a computer hooked up to the school’s system that can watch everything he is doing while also being connected to a projector that he never even checked if it was off. He might be a pervert looking for used lingerie for god-knows-what private activity but you have to give the man props for not giving a shit.

Watch the whole embarrassing video below: