1. Wheel Pose

 yoga posesYou might remember this one from Forgetting Sarah Marshall where Russel Brand used this position to lift Kirsten Bell into the air! Good luck trying that one without any special effects! No seriously, this might just be the hottest position you’ve tried!

Chair Pose

 yoga posesThe male can take this pose, but it works best if the female does. If the female decides to go for it, the male must straddle her.

Reclined Twist

 yoga posesIt just feels better when she lays this way…

Happy Baby

 yoga posesYou’re happy, he’s happy and everyone wins!

Standing Forward Bendyoga poses

 If the stretch is too much for you to handle, you can bring your hands to a chair or your bed.
Your partner has two options, he can either straddle or perform oral sex. The choice should be yours!

Reclining Butterfly

 yoga posesThis one is pretty self explanatory, but don’t ever be afraid to mix it up until you find what you like best!